Ways to Apply Clip In Hair Extensions to Short Hair

                To get began with adding extensions to short hairstyles, you'll first have to purchase real real hair extensions that may clip in. Real human hair is better to be able to style them using heated appliances. If you are using synthetic ones, you'll have a difficult time styling them correctly.
                When you train with extensions are applying them below layers of the natural hair. When you're prepared to install the extensions you'll first have to section off hair if you take in regards to a 3/4 large section (as if you would as if you would produce a high ponytail only you have to leave a little section lower in the base. The bottom is how the spinal from the mind meet.) Now pile it onto from the crown of the mind and fasten it having a clip, in order that it stays taken care of. You need to now have only a thin and small layer of hair at the rear of the mind/neck area. Now go ahead and take clip in hair extensions and begin by clipping the best clip to your natural hair first, then clip the left clip in and lastly the center clip.

              Then you undo the pony tail section and make another high pony tail section and again departing another portion of hair lower which needs to be nearly 1 " over the section you simply clipped in. The concept would be that the new layer of natural hair will fall within the extension piece you simply attached meanwhile departing you with a brand new portion of natural hair to connect your next piece to. If you don't possess a section that's equal wide to pay for the rear of the mind section such as the first extension piece you applied, then use a couple of smaller sized sections to come around the rear of the mind and clipping along side it from the mind just over the ear area.

               Section your hair again within the same fashion, departing a brand new thin portion of hair to pay for within the previous extension pieces. You need to certainly be using 2 clip extension pieces here. You'll most likely need 3 of those 2 clip sections for everyone the rear of the mind, that is fine.
Then you'll section your hair weave again within the same fashion as previous steps. Once more departing a skinny layer of hair lower to pay for the most recent extension clips. Now give a couple of small sections inside a random order. It does not need to be too uniform searching in that they're arranged perfectly.
              Finally, you'll have to section the edges of the mind area. Have a small portion of hair nearly 3 inches over the ear area and clip a little section here. Repeat on the other hand from the mind too.
If you have finished adding the pieces in, it is advisable to style hair having a styling curler. Curling the extensions can help merge your natural hair using the extensions for any perfect look.


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