Rosegal Wishlist

               Whether in summer or winter, I'm looking for some dresses and I find them at Rosegal.

          I put my eyes on a black dress with red with a special pattern. I like the length and I think it fits in the business environment as well. Having sleeves goes well and when it's getting cold outside.

             I both like it equally, now as it's warm up. Lately the intense yellow I love it a lot.  The details in the middle, draw attention and I get you out of anonymity. The cord accentuates the waist very well.

           I obviously does not just focus on dresses. On the site you do find plenty of goodies so I've been looking for other clothes. The blunted blues are absolutely superb. The rose is very effective.
I'm not a fan of  ripped jeans, but I cannot help myself to put them in the basket.

           Which are your choices?


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