Gamiss whislist

          I gave a new order, this time to Gamiss and it's the first time that I show you everything I put in the basket. Except the last item, this is my order.
           I do not know which of the products I like the most. Everything I expect is great. The vest of faux fur can be worn by itself or with a jacket on the bottom and it will keep you warm. In addition, it will look cool chic, being long. It's black and that means I can match it to any color.

           The cream bag is simply gorgeous. I had seen it, but there was only one piece, and here it is much cheaper. Actually on this site clothes are much cheaper. It is a relatively roomy bag from the picture I estimate it would house a medium book in  to it. I cannot wait to keep it in my hand.

          The pullover is simply at the lower price I cuold find. It's reduced by 87%, I like the color and I found it for my size too.

       I liked the yellow jacket and because of the strap I was tempted to take it.


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